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Farm Tires

Farm Tires in Xenia, OH

At Detroit Tire and Auto, we're proud to provide farm tractor tires to farmers in Xenia, OH, Dayton, OH, Kettering, OH, and the surrounding communities. Your farm equipment needs sturdy, reliable tires. Our stock features many brands and options depending on the vehicle. Allow our service staff to help you shop farm tires today.

Call (937) 372-6969 to learn about our current AG tire inventory or request a quote.

What Are Farm Tires?

Farm tires are characterized by quality craftsmanship, unique tread designs, and excellent durability. Agricultural work demands sturdy tires that can grip soil and support the heavy weight of tractors and other farming vehicles. Your farm tractor tires will be put through all types of terrain, and our stock of agricultural tires are all certified, high performing tires.

Shop Our Selection of Farm Tires

Farm Tires in Dayton, OH

Our farm tires provide:

  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Improved durability
  • Better traction

To fulfill your farming needs, our store stocks top AG tire brands for various agricultural applications. If you're new to the agricultural community or simply unsure of the best tires for your tractor, harvester, or other AG equipment, we invite you to visit our shop to chat with our sales staff. 

From large volume tires to wide section tires and increased flexion tires to high flotation tires, there's a lot to learn, and our knowledgeable team is here to help.

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